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The 2016 Collection is open for entries


Do you write tunes in a Scottish traditional style?

Hands Up for Trad are looking for the top 20 tunes of 2016 for their 2016 Collection. They can be anything from reels to jigs to airs to waltzes and anything in between! All you have to do is to upload them to MusicHub!

All the tunes will be listened to by our panel of musicians and their favorite top 20 chosen.

The closing date for entries is Friday 26 August.

It doesn’t have to be written out in a music software programme like Sibelius or Finale – it can be a piece of handwritten music scanned into computer – just make sure it is legible and has your details on it. Why not check out Hands Up for Trad’s top 20 tunes of 2015.


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